The globalization of music culture in the development path of Chinese music culture

“Globalization” is an inevitable trend in the course of human history, and music, as a cultural phenomenon, has also undergone globalization. After centuries of filtering, Western music exists in today’s music cultural practices in a diverse form, becoming a treasure trove for contemporary music development. Western music not only brings us beautiful and melodious tunes but also influences the development of music in terms of compositional techniques and performance skills. The development of world cultures does not evolve along a single path but rather undergoes a multi-centered and multi-faceted evolution through creative invention, borrowing, and assimilation. The existing form of Western music was not created by a single ethnicity but rather emerged as a result of globalization, with multiple ethnic music cultures interacting and exchanging under specific historical conditions.In contemporary China, Western music has spread widely throughout society in various multicultural forms. Today, Western music has become a globalized music and a mainstream music culture worldwide. The exchange, diffusion, transfer, mutual acceptance, complementarity, and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures are an unstoppable historical mainstream in the development of human civilizations. In a certain sense, the emergence of modern Chinese music is partially a product of this exchange, diffusion, and mutual fusion, known as cultural hybridity. Currently, there is a close connection between Western music and modern Chinese music, with many renowned Chinese musicians having studied in Western countries. They bring back advanced Western music theories to China and, in turn, introduce Chinese music with distinct ethnic characteristics to the West. Modern Chinese music has also become a part of world music.Of course, Western music has also become the mainstream of Chinese artistic music, and the Chinese people embrace and appreciate Western music.

Keywords: Western music culture, Chinese modern music, national culture