Aim and Objective

Global Scientific and Academic Research Publishers is an international online Open Access scholarly publishing Group, which started with the aim of distributing and disseminating quality research and scientific data worldwide with open access. We support in publishing high quality, contemporary scientific research articles of various disciplines which will undergo a detailed peer-review process. We bring together world-renowned, peer-reviewed journals to serve the scientific and research community with validated and comprehensive information in many disciplines

Open Access

Open access journals are journals whose articles are available and reusable worldwide free of charges like we are not charging fee for any content submission as well as it is available in our website complete free.

International community

Open Invitation of writers around the world to share their true knowledge about the structure of descriptive literature and the world of science and researchers.

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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Global Journal of Arts Humanity and Social Sciences

Economics, Business and Management

Global Scientific and Academic Research Journal of Economics, Business and Management

Multidisciplinary Studies

Global Scientific and Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Applied Medical Sciences

GSAR Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Engineering and Technology

Global Journal of Engineering and Technology

Medical Sciences

Global Journal of Clinical Medicine and Medical Research

Education and literature

Global Scientific and Academic Research Journal of Education and literature