Research on the development of new energy automobile industry based on the SWOT-PEST model from the dual carbon perspective

In the context of global carbon emission reduction, countries around the world have conducted multi-directional discussions and studies on the issues of economic development and environmental protection. In order to implement the two goals of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”, China has begun to develop green economy in an all-round way. Transportation, as the key object of the development of green economy, energy conservation, and emission reduction, has attracted wide attention internationally. The automobile industry has gradually entered the ranks of low-carbon transformation, and thus the new energy automobile industry has ushered in rapid development. In this era, the automobile industry, which was originally in a disadvantageous position, has gradually turned to the manufacturing and innovation of new energy vehicles. And in the international automobile industry to form an objective fierce market competition mode. This paper uses SWOT-PEST model to analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and challenges of developing new energy automobile industry from four aspects: politics, economy, technology, and society. To sum up, the problems existing in developing Chinese new energy automobile industry and the possible future trends, and to provide suggestions for the development of Chinese new energy automobile industry.

Keywords: SWOT PEST model; Double carbon; New energy vehicles; Industrial development