Exploring the trust-based learning culture from teachers for student success, growth mindset, and school development

Building a trust-based learning culture is a core foundation for student success, a growth mindset, and whole school reform. This qualitative case study aims to explore the teachers’ perceptions about how they build a trust-based learning culture for student success, student growth mindset, and school development. Twelve teachers (N=12) participants were employed through semi-structural and open-ended interviewing protocol. Findings show that teachers use three ways for student success, including (1) support always, (2) professionalism, and (3) interpersonal relationships. This study also finds out that teachers use the other three ways for student growth mindset building, including (1) openness, (2) respect, and (3) justice. Findings finally show that teachers use three ways for school development, including (1) dialogue, (2) honesty, and (3) prosperity. Therefore, the basic qualitative and mixed exploratory research design would be recommended for future study.

Keywords: Covid-19, Foreign Countries, Leadership, Secondary Education, Trust, Teacher Educators