A Knowledge-Based Decision Support Framework for the Optimisation of Determining Petroleum Exploration

Risks and uncertainties affecting petroleum exploration are associated with petroleum geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and other methods that can cause high costs losses to the whole project.  For this reason, the use of systematic decision-support methods for petroleum exploration is an essential tool for managerial decision-making. However, fewer scholars or experts have developed decision-making methods and support systems for petroleum exploration risk management. Most of the research only relies on the update of detection technology. This paper aims to present the innovation of works that mainly provide hybrid thinking to develop a decision-support framework based on knowledge-based for determining precise decision-making of petroleum exploration. The results of this study are introducing a cost-effective “geochemical method” to improve the accuracy of petroleum and source interpretation through oil source comparison technology. Also, it is combined with the 5M decision support methods (include Material, Method, Manipulation, Modeling, Mining decision) to improve the benefit of interpretation and establish a useful decision model for petroleum exploration in oil fields.

Keywords: Petroleum Exploration; Geochemical Analysis; Knowledge-Based Decision Support System (KBDSS); Petroleum Exploration Decision Support Systems (PEDSS)