Quality Control Measures in the Clothing Industry: Case Study in the Keta Municipality

The study set out to unearth the quality control practices of clothing manufacturers in the Keta municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana. It further sought to assess the challenges that these manufacturers face in their bid to ensure quality in their production and come out with measures that could be used to mitigate the situation. The cross-sectional descriptive research methodology was adopted using a case study approach. It was found out that the use of obsolete and inadequate machinery and technology by the local clothing manufacturers which result in inefficiency and high cost of production. Also, the garment manufacturing industry is dominated by small scale enterprises which makes it difficult to apply large scale quality control measures in such companies. The study recommends that garment manufacturing firms should coordinate and form associations to educate and train potentials on quality control skills to oversee the quality control in the firms.

Keywords: Quality control, quality measures, measures, fashion, clothing industry