A Study on Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping Using AI and Big Data Analysis Technology

It’s had rapid development of mobile communication technology and the Internet. Nowadays, people’s consumption patterns are no longer only through physical stores. Consumers can browse and compare products through the Internet. The consumption pattern of online shopping has long been regarded as an option. Therefore, the development of the Internet platform is a popular sales strategy for enterprises recently. From the perspective of “online shopping behavior”, this research mainly focuses on the influence of shopping site interface and message evaluation on online purchase behavior, and the interference effect of enterprises adding artificial intelligence and enterprise adding big data analysis technology to online purchase behavior. Through predictive analysis, we examine the influence of shopping websites and information evaluation on shopping behavior, and further compare whether companies add artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology to consumers’ shopping behavior. The research results show that information evaluation has an effect on online shopping behavior. There is a positive correlation. The shopping website interface has a positive correlation with online buying behavior. The enterprise adding big data analysis technology also has interference effects on the shopping website interface, and the enterprise adding artificial intelligence has no interference in the shopping website interface effect.

Keywords:Artificial Intelligence (AI); Big Data; Website and review; Consumer Behavior; Online Shopping