Due to the limitation in written literatures which investigates the Igbo world, there has come to be variations in the Igbo conception of  reality. Thus this research work aims at solving this problem through investigating into the authentic Igbo notion of the whole of reality in Igbo-African Cosmologic-Ontological structure. This work advances the thesis that the conception of reality in  Igbo Cosmologic-Ontological  structure is popularly dual in nature. In this sense, everything existing in the world is categorized under the physical and metaphysical; visible and invisible worlds. However, notwithstanding this popular view, there is a form of interaction or unity between these two categories/worlds in such a way that none is considered in isolation of the other. A qualitative research design was adopted for this study. We made use of data gotten from available literatures, unpublished essays, doctoral theses, journal articles and magazines. This thesis adopted the evaluative, analytic, historical and critical research approaches.

Keywords: Reality, Duality, Igbo-African cosmology, Visible world, Invisible world.