Discussion from the Social protection of children in the interdisciplinary approach in Ukraine

The article examines the concept of “social protection” in the context of an interdisciplinary phenomenon. An author has reviewed interdisciplinarity as defining the same problem in different sectoral planes, which seeks to connect these planes and create a qualitatively new one. According to the analysis of theoretical material, the definition of “social protection” has the following philosophy: the state must protect citizens. The article also presents a brief description of the concept in sociological, political science, and legal research. Research analysis has shown that “social protection” is an integral part of the state’s policy, responsible for its citizens’ welfare, development, and security. The author has analyzed pedagogical and socio-pedagogical research on a specific topic. She identifies social protection as a series of natural processes that depend on many external factors that constitute a protective environment of social, psychological, pedagogical support, and assistance for children. The author concludes that social protection should minimize the negative impact of risk factors, provide social education, various types of social service and support, adapting behavior and emotional state. The study also compares “social security” and “social protection.” Ihnatenko K. defines social security” as the activity of public authorities, local governments, public associations, and citizens to create favorable conditions (guarantees) for the lawful and consistent implementation and protection of citizens’ rights. The author concludes that social protection aims to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable citizens or citizens in difficult life circumstances or who need social protection from the state and other citizens, including children.

Keywords: Interdisciplinarity; social protection; social security; children’s rights; Ukraine`s war