The concept of comfort is fundamental to the quality of life in modern society. It can be stated that it is present in everything we produce, all the services we use, all the luxuries we enjoy, and all the processes that, in some way, are a part of our everyday lives, whether they are visible or hidden. In the modern setting, the utilization of sports facilities is likewise geared towards high-quality standards based on sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. The study’s goal is to help students pursuing a degree in sports administration at the Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, students pursuing a higher technical course in sports tourism and nautical activities at the Instituto Polytechnic do Cavado e do Ave and professionals in the industry. Of sport, to understand their sensitivity on the topic “Sport Management – The comfort of sports facilities, indoor swimming pools” based on a set of criteria that mainly relate to the sustainable practices of sports facilities; the comfort of sports facilities, and future difficulties. The quantitative methodology adopted was descriptive in nature. The findings revealed a consensus among the students and professionals polled that the “constant search for energy efficiency measures and rational consumption cannot sacrifice user comfort, as well as the durability and interior safety of the installation sport.” In conclusion, the application of sustainable methods has the potential to significantly improve the sporting comfort of sports facilities, notably indoor swimming pools.

Keywords: Management; Comfort; Sports Facilities, Sustainability, Swimming Pools

JEL Codes: D71, D91, I14, I31, Z2.