Artistic Evolution: A Feminine Perspective on Contemporary Art in Pakistan

This study delves into the rich tapestry of contemporary Pakistani art through the multifaceted expressions of Adeela Suleman, Huma Mulji, and Aisha Khalid. These artists, rooted in diverse experiences and perspectives, contribute significantly to the evolving discourse within the Pakistani art scene. The research examines the socio-political, cultural, and gender dimensions embedded in the works of Suleman, known for her intricate sculptures; Mulji, recognized for her thought-provoking installations; and Khalid, celebrated for her fusion of traditional miniatures with contemporary themes. Employing a critical lens, the study unravels the narratives woven into their creations, shedding light on the artist’s engagement with societal complexities and their unique contributions to the broader conversation on contemporary Pakistani art.

Keywords: Contemporary Pakistani Art, Adeela Suleman, Huma Mulji, Aisha Khalid, Socio-Political Art, Gender Dynamics,