Influence of Leadership Voice on Business Communication Ethics in Social Media

With the rise of social media and a dedicated brand voice, brand communications often find it easy to bring in the business ethics of the organization through the different communication channels and often through integrated communications. This paper explores the impact of a leadership voice on business communication ethics when communicating on social media.

A qualitative research design was used based on content analysis. Initially, the paper reviewed the role of collaborative efforts between employees and leaders in creating ethical communication, analyzed the brand communication developed from the business communication ethics in an organization, and examined the role of leadership voice in showcasing an organization’s business communication ethics on social media. These reviews highlighted a research gap. Drawing inferences from the reviews, the paper concludes that individualistic leadership voice is highly influential and that a novel business communication matrix can be developed.

The paper determines that a leader’s communication in a social media portfolio plays a crucial role and acts as a judging ground for their respective organization, thereby influencing the business communication ethics of the organization. The paper also defines and discovers that a leadership voice is very influential and helps brands to communicate more effectively with their users, as people trust the person’s values more than the brand’s values.

Keywords Business Communication Ethics, Leadership Voice, Brand Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication, Social Media