Grandiose Narcissism in Identity Politics

Healthy self-esteem should be contrasted with pathological narcissism, both at individual and collective level.  Recognition of nine signs of Grandiose Narcissism are required in DSM5 for the training of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. The transcribed utterances of spokespersons for seven identities – Scots, Israeli, Black, British Asian Muslim, LGBT+, Disabled and Women – were searched for the nine signs.  Identity groups may feel united against the wrongs of an oppressor, who were named as “Westminster”, “antisemite”, “white racist”, “Islamophobic” “straight”, “neurotypical” and “misogynist”. Grandiosity and Need for Admiration were fairly general across groups. Three groups thought they were Unique. One or two were preoccupied with Fantasies of Ideals, which are probably unachievable.  Two identity groups exceed the threshold for narcissism. Replications are needed.

Keywords: Identity, Narcissism, Grandiose