Loneliness and Its Related Factors Among College Students

In order to know current status of college students’ loneliness, and discuss main related factors, this paper adopts stratified random sampling method to select 819 undergraduates from 7 universities in Guangdong province, and investigates them according to UCLA Loneliness Scale (UCLALS), Simplified Coping Style Questionnaire (SCSQ), College Students Interpersonal Comprehensive Diagnostic Scale (CSICDS) and personal general situations questionnaire. Results show a. the total score of UCLALS, CSCQ and CSICDS of college students are respectively

44.07±6.97, .36±1.83 and 9.04±4.33; b. the SCSQ score, CSICDS score and UCLALS score of college students are of obvious pairwise correlation (r=0.508~0.799, P<0.01); c. according to multiple linear regression, SCSQ score, CSICDS score, grade, involvement in romantic relationship and majors are the five related factors for UCLALS score. In conclusion, the loneliness of college students are closely related to multiple factors such as school education, personal experience and psychological quality