One of the toughest occupations nowadays is teaching. Teachers must also feel a sense of accountability, be highly conscious and aware of their surroundings, be experts in their fields, understand how to learn and teach, constantly refresh themselves, stay away from stress and problems, and support their students in all circumstances. The purpose of the present study was to determine the attitudes of prospective teachers towards teaching. A descriptive survey method has been used in the study. The study’s sample comprises of 292 prospective teachers from various teacher training institutes during the academic year 2021–2023, from West Bengal, India. Attitude Scale towards Teaching was used as a data collection instrument. The scale’s Cronbach Alpha coefficient, which measures the validity and reliability of the scale, was calculated and determined to be 0.781. The results of the study showed that prospective teachers with a major in computational programmes were more enthusiastic about teaching, that their attitudes towards teaching were lower than expected, and those prospective teachers who identified as female had higher attitudes towards teaching than male prospective teachers. The attitude of prospective teachers towards teaching in West Bengal is equally favorable and satisfying.

Key Words: Attitude; Teaching; Prospective-Teachers; Descriptive Survey