Comprehending the Mismatch Between Development’s Sense Goal and Communication Reality: A Literature Review

The paper discusses the mismatch between development’s Sense ,Goal and Communication Reality: A Literature Review. It aims to understand the potential, resources, and competence of the Developing Communities from Within (DCFW) development approach for sustainable trans-generational progress of communities. The study uses a three-stage literature review method to identify gaps in earlier works, evaluate dominant communication strategies for development, and comprehend the actual communication reality at the grassroots level. The authors found that the shift from modernization to participatory development and the convergence of Information-Communication technology (ICT4D) have led to a need for more policy research and indigenous models of communication and development through participatory research. They also emphasise the importance of understanding the human dimension of development, which encompasses material well-being, human activity, and the capacity to evolve across time. The paper concludes that the development paradigm should be based on the actual sense of the world and the creative skills of individuals.

KEYWORDS: Developing Communities From Within (DCFW), Development Communication, Sense of Development (SoD), ICT4D, Partcipatory Communication