Optimal Strategic Solutions for Water Resources Development Problems in Niger Delta River Basin: Perspective on the Nexus between the Media and Civil Engineering

This study addressed Water Resources Development Problems in Niger Delta River Basin in Nigeria. The study, which was founded on Game Theory, employed the library method and utilised the linear programming method of game theory to solve management problems about cost apportionment. The objectives were to determine the net benefits under the topics of economic efficiency, regional economic redistribution, and social well-being; to assess fund apportionment to the purposes of irrigation, hydropower, and water supply, and to evaluate the financial benefit accruing to Niger Delta Basin on investment of N3.9 billion over three years. The study also analysed the place of the media in civil engineering. The study revealed that for optimal management, no allocation should go to water supply for the period under consideration. The results obtained also revealed that for the first three objectives to be optimised simultaneously, considering a three-year development fund of N3.9billion, the allocation should be such that N2.13billion should go to irrigated agriculture, N1.79billion to hydropower, while zero allocation should go to the water supply. Furthermore, the result of the analysis revealed that, if the fund is apportioned to the various purposes as proposed, a net financial benefit of N9.945billion is achievable by the basin under the worst possible conditions. Cost-sharing should always be based on logical and mathematical justifications. The study found that the media were not given their rightful place.It is recommended that the River Basin Development Authorities in Nigeria should ensure they intensify their efforts in record keeping to increase the reliability of data necessary for research. Also, the media should be considered in such civil engineering ventures. The government should set up an agency to monitor funds allocated to River Basin Authorities to avoid embezzlement and wastage.

Keywords: Development, Engineering, Media, Solution, River Basin, Water Resources