Realizing Social Unity in Africa: Insight from Three (3) Relational Models in Quantum Physics

The paper examines three (3) Relational Models in Quantum Physics. It notes that there exists in quantum reality an intercultural supposition of a ‘deep and shared understanding’ that can birth a new metaphysics and model for social relation in a multi-cultural nation state. The paper consider and reject the postures of Postmodernism as destructive. It discusses how postmodernist tendencies impact social relation, and show why the discourse of social relation can best situate in Quantum Physics and not Classical Physics and Postmodernism. The supposition is that (unlike in Classical Physics and even Postmodernism), Quantum bits possesses the capacity to relate internally. This is encouraged as such as its concern is the sort of laws which governs collection of events. It concludes by encouraging a wider sense of self-awareness as to recognize and explore such quantum structures latent in the human person for social unity.

Keywords: Relationality, Quantum Physics, Model, Postmodernism, Social Unity