Missions in the Early Church and its implications for the church in Nigeria

The church was inaugurated on the day of Pentecost and about three thousand souls were converted and added to the church after the preaching of Apostle Peter on the same day. Thereafter, the apostles did not waste time in teaching and disciplining the new converts to be firmly rooted in the faith. The early believers were persecuted because of their faith in Christ but they were not discouraged rather they kept on spreading the new faith. Some Christians have been killed because of their faith in Nigeria today. This paper thus focuses on the mission of the early church and the lessons the contemporary churches in Nigeria can learn from her venture. The study adopted historical research method to obtain the needed information and observed that the early believers were committed to the faith handed over to them. Even at their trouble and hard times they were not deter in propagating the gospel. The study recommends that the church today should emulate the doggedness and commitment of the early believers to Christ in their mission activities today.

KEYWORDS: Mission, Early church, Christians, Nigeria