Exploring the High-Quality Development Strategy of the Belt and Road Based on CNKI Big Data

Since the “Belt and Road” initiative was launched in 2013, many achievements have been made. However, in the face of global dynamic developments especially as geopolitical conflicts, Sino-US trade confrontations, global environmental governance, economic protectionism, global epidemic spread, etc., they may cause obstacles to the promotion of the Belt and Road. Therefore, the critical purpose of this article is to explore relevant issues, provide perspective, understand the mechanism of the problem, and propose corresponding strategic thinking based on it. Through the big data analysis thinking of China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and the ScienceDirect database, to extract the research results, media arguments, and related trends in recent years, combined with SWOT analysis, one can sort out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of problems. Then, to elaborate the strategic plan, take the perspective of big data arguments to analyze, and examine the focus of research on the Belt and Road Initiative in the past, review the past, and consider the current situation and future solutions, in order to summarize reasonable and feasible strategies and provide high-quality development considerations.

KEYWORDS:China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Big Data, the Belt and Road (B&R), SWOT Analysis, Development Strategy