Investigation on the current situation and incentive strategy of automatic external defibrillator for residents in South Sichuan

Objective: To understand the current situation of residents’ demand for the configuration of automatic external defibrillators in south Sichuan, analyze the influencing factors of the configuration in this area, optimize the incentive mechanism, and provide reference for the implementation of the configuration of automatic external defibrillators in south Sichuan.  Methods: The people in Luzhou City and Zigong City in southern Sichuan were interviewed by questionnaire, and the staff of the local Red Cross Society and other organizations were interviewed. Results: A total of 768 people were surveyed. 72.14% of them thought that the current allocation of AED in south Sichuan was unreasonable. 36.20% of the people think that the main body of allocation should be the government; 93.49% of the people think it is necessary to configure relevant systems to ensure its normal operation; Different gender and education level had significant differences in the cognitive level of allocation subjects and allocation methods (P < 0.5).  Conclusions: The overall situation of the allocation is not optimistic and cannot meet the expectations of the public. It is necessary to clarify the main body and responsibility of the allocation of AED, establish the right and responsibility supervision system, increase the special investment and attention to the automatic external defibrillator, expand the reward range, and diversify the incentive measures.

Keywords: out-of-hospital emergency medical treatment; Automatic external defibrillator; Configuration requirements; Incentive mechanism