Analysis of YouTube Viewer’s Reception of The Music Video “Lughat Al’Alam” By Humood Al-Khuder

This study aims to analyze a 2015 music video entitled “Lughat Al’Alam”, which was uploaded by a record company called Awakening. The video, which has been watched more than 23 million times on the YouTube site, has generated various comments from the audience. Many commented on the music video as a message that could remind them of the importance of a mother in their lives. There are also those who commented that not only mothers, but also a father that we should not forget, because he also has an equally important role in raising and educating their children. Briefly, this video describes the care, love, affection, and affection of a mother for her children. In addition, as music functions as a means of self-entertainment, the Awakening company expects good feedback from the audience through this song. To prove this, a study was conducted that focused on the comments left by the audience after watching “Lughat Al’Alam”’s music video. This research uses descriptive-qualitative method based on reception theory and music function. The results of this study find the fact that the audience has a critical attitude towards things that are not in accordance with their reality. Therefore, the use of reception theory is considered very appropriate in classifying the position of the audience in using social media.

Keywords: Song, YouTube, Humood al-Khudher, music, reception.