Applied Research on Animation in the Popularity of Marxism Take the Example of Animated Public Service Announcements of Meng Wa Series

As an artistic form welcomed and appreciated by people, the animation is able to bear the weight of rich content, value orientation, and humanistic feelings, which is favorable for the communication of Chinese culture and the spread of various of ideas. As early as the National Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation, Chinese pioneers of animation had used this unique artistic form to awake the Chinese people under oppression and call for defiance, and this approach had achieved extraordinary propaganda effects. With the rapid development of information network as well as science and technology, the animation industry features digitization, diversity, interactivity, popularity, effectiveness, and network communication. Animation has become one of the main media for people to acquire knowledge, exchange information, and enjoy more entertainment. Therefore, it is necessary and feasible to use animation to promote the popularization of Marxism. Given that, we hope to base ourselves on the analysis of Meng Wa Series to seek effective ways for the promotion of the popularization of Marxism using animation suitable for the new circumstances.

Keywords: animation; the popularization of Marxism; spread; Meng Wa