Magnetic Energy Automaton Mechanical Oscillator for Multiple Uses (MEAMOMU): Supplement A1-2022 Valance Electrons Harvesting Modules

Background: MEAMOMU which is magnetic energy automaton mechanical oscillator for multiple uses. The two models are; 1) coupled same polarity single carriage traversing chamber with a minimum of four balanced linear interactive magnetic nodes, 2) separated but balanced dual carriage traversing chambers with a minimum of four balanced linear interactive magnetic nodes. Continuous linear mechanical oscillator with only permanent magnets was started by Professor Eric Laithwaite and now finished by Greg Spaulding. A cylinder-shaped permanent magnetics of same polarity ends are attraction coupled together with a 304 Ferritic piece of steel of sufficient diameter and thickness, and then the coupling is severed by the insertion of another 304 Ferritic piece of steel of the same sufficient diameter and thickness, which causes ferromagnetic repulsion. I discovered from experimentation pyrolytic carbon of the same sufficient diameter and thickness as the piece of 304 Ferritic of steel but with a hollowed center pushed onto the 304 Ferritic piece of steel causes diamagnetic repulsion. From the lectures, a same polarity magnetic flux coupler for linear cylinder permanent magnets all four end polarities must integrate their flux flow into the 304 Ferritic piece of steel or the close meeting ends of same magnetic flux polarity causes ferromagnetic repulsion. The permanent magnetic cylinders with holes drilled down the center and its holes filled on both ends its polished tempered aluminum glass and to 304 Ferritic steel couplers on polished 200 Austenitic steel poles. To make the oscillations autonomous the pyrolytic carbon circular pieces are attached to a balanced carriage traversable chamber, so when one side of a mating magnetic cylinder coupler is covered the oscillating magnetic cylinder pull strength pushes on the pyrolytic carbon bellow the other section is uncovered and ready for attracting the magnetic cylinder back to itself. To create a renewable power source, one needs a constant or iterative self-generating radiation that can safely harvest valance electrons and or cause autonomous mechanical oscillations. Permanent ferromagnetic constant non-ionized radiated flux or energy was available for development. In microgravity the Earth’s magnetic field being the only factor affecting MEAMOMU local experiments proves that Bismuth and Pyrolytic Carbon are used to compress, divert and or repel magnetic flux without having to compensating for bipolar magnetic interactive flux. MEAMOMU is now a portable/stationary power source, photovoltaic being the only other, and being used in the lexicon of man for the reduction of Earth’s greenhouse gasses. Magnetic energy automaton mechanical oscillator for multiple uses, uses permanent magnets’ flux energy, pyrolytic diamagnetic material, and ferromagnetic steel for creating automaton oscillations.

Objective: Making MEAMOMU power sources smaller, lighter, and less complex with the same or greater output power.

Methods: The introduction of metallic and ceramic foam for vacuum tube outgassing and gravity reduction. The introduction of cylinder-shaped ferromagnetic foamed steel geometry with emphasis on length surface area instead of square geometry. The introduction of sodium pyrolytic carbon powder coating on vacuum tube device casing and on nylon dryer vent hose used as flux diverting bellows (using sodium silicate adhesive and high-frequency coil exploding pellet) to cover the cylinder-shaped ferromagnetic foamed steel. The introduction of Seebeck harvesting using friction heating in a triboelectric cavity for P&N thermoelectric harvester. Understanding the pull strength of the capsule-shaped ceramic foamed permanent ferromagnets is dependent on four magnetic polarities coupled together to achieve absorption in steel couplers for attractive pull strength but independent of conjoined pull strength when pyrolytic bellows are pushed between flux fields and foamed ferromagnetic steel to cover the polarities of weaker flux due to distance of flux travel. Utilizing dual back-to-back copper conductive membrane switches when capsule-shaped foamed permanent ferromagnets are push on to them for circuit completeness of both piezoelectric and hydrogel relative mechanical motion and creating valance electron harvesting.

Results: MEAMOMU is now smaller, lighter, and less complex for scalability to be used for industrial or micro power source.

Conclusion: The energy future for man on earth and outer space looks good with MEAMOMU technology.