Dynamics of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) on Performance of Selected organizations in the Telecommunication Sector in Zimbabwe during Covid 19 Global Pandemic

Telecommunications organizations in Zimbabwe during Covid 19 Global Pandemic. The study was guided by Positivism research Philosophy. Questionnaires were used to collect data from managers, senior employees and supervisors using a sample size of 103 respondents. Descriptive statistical analysis, exploratory factor analysis and regression analysis were performed in SPSS to test research hypotheses. The study found that ICTs  have a positive effect on the organization’s performance. This study established that inadequate information on ICTs, key resources (tangible and intangible), lack of cooperation from employees were some of the main challenges affecting implementation of ICTs. The study also established that organizations in the telecommunication sector can realize several benefits such as improving company image, enhanced customer service, enhance customer satisfaction, improved communication both internally and externally if ICT is fully utilized. The study established that overall ICT is a significant enhancer of organization’s performance. Organizations in the telecommunications sector must continuously invest in their ICT infrastructure so as to stay abreast of competition especially in the new world order of decongesting the workplaces and work from home. Organizations are further advised to come up with certain training programs or mentoring by professionals for the employees so as to enhance their skills as well as updating them on the current technology so as to yield better results on performance. Organizations in the telecommunication sector are therefore urged to consider investing in programs that enhance the skills of their employees and management since skill is a determining factor of the effective usage of ICT initiatives. Telecommunication organizations are also urged to pay attention to their systems, processes, availability of information and ICT policies since these have a serious bearing on the effectiveness of ICT implementation.

Keywords: Information Communication Technology (ICTs), Performance, Telecommucations, Zimbabwe.