Employee Retention Strategies and Employee Citizenship Behaviour (ECB) in Public Service Organizations, Yenagoa.

This study examined the relationship between employee’s retention strategies and employee citizenship behavior (ECB) in public service organizations. Fringe benefits and pay benefits were adopted as dimensions of Employee Retention Strategies whereas; ECB is operationalized with Altruism and Civic-virtue. Sample size of 187 was determined using Taro Yemen’s formula. The hypotheses were tested utilizing Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation Co-efficient statistical tool. Outcome showed that fringe benefits have positive and significant relationship with altruism but shows a weak significant relationship with civic virtue while pay benefits shows a weak significant relationship with altruism but a strong relationship with civic- virtue. The study recommends that firms must be deliberate in imploring attractive fringe benefits and pay benefits packages to encourage employees develop ECB which is a sense of affective commitment to the organization thereby making them stay.

Keywords: Employee Retention Strategy, Employee Citizenship Behavior, Altruism, Civic-virtue, Pay Benefits