Green Residential Buildings Purchase Intention in Thai Perspective

Purpose – From a Thai viewpoint, the aim of this study is to investigate the influence of variables that affect residential green purchase intention.

Design/Methodology/Approach – In this study, secondary data analysis and an archive study approach are used to analyze the factors influencing the decision to buy a green residential property. Thailand-based 384 respondents with an interest in green residential construction submitted the information. In addition, this study developed a new conceptual framework by combining three frameworks from past investigations.

Findings – This study looked at the variables that affect consumers’ intent to buy. The study’s conclusions showed that attitudes toward green residential buildings, environmental concerns, perceived risk, and perceived value all have an impact on buyers’ intentions to buy green residential.

Research Limitations/Implications – There are various challenges in analyzing the factors that affect consumers’ purchase intentions. Because this study is based on the viewpoint of Thai individuals who are interested in green residential projects, it may not be fully relevant to people from other cultural backgrounds in other nations.

Originality/value The key factors that affect buying intention are the subject of this study.

Keywords – Attitudes toward the green residential building, environmental concern, perceived risk, perceived value, green residential purchase intention

JEL code classification – M10, M12, M15