Leadership Flaws and Curse in Nigeria; The Military Perspective

The problems of every nation is determined by the quality and vision of her leaders. Since independent, Nigeria is one of the few unfortunate nations of the world devoid of quality, competent and effective, even purposeful leaders who will have the required skills, features, value and ideas of turning her great natural potentials into real economic and political power. The abscence of valuable leaders with the required skills undoubtedly hike the crisis and slowed down the pace of national development. It is also necessary to understand that, bad leadership coupled with improper handling of the nation, snowballed the challenges and problem facing Nigeria including the strive for nation building and national integration since independence. The paper emphasis on keynote about leadership by prolific figures in Nigerian political regime, while examining common leadership flaws taking into consideration the military perspective in Nigeria.

Keywords:  Leadership, Flaws, election, Dictatorship, Military