Ebru, one of our intangible cultural heritage products and included in the list by UNESCO in 2014, is a richness that Turkish culture brings to the world cultural heritage. The art of marbling, traditionally done on paper, can now be applied not only on paper but also on many different materials, thanks to the developing technology. With UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list, the world-wide reputation of marbling has also increased. Although it was used to decorate book bindings as an auxiliary art in the beginning, today it has taken its deserved place as a branch of art on its own. Leather making, which aimed to meet the shelter and covering needs of human beings in the early ages, developed over time and turned into an art branch that took its place in many fields from tents to home decoration and clothing, and today it is accepted as both an art and a craft. Although primitive leather processing techniques were used at the beginning and traditional techniques were used in dyeing techniques, different dyeing techniques can be used easily today. One of these techniques is the marbling technique. The starting point of this study is to examine the technical aspects of marbling dyeing on different leather products and to examine the effect of the transfer of marbling art on leather in the spread of Turkish culture to the world. Three different leather products were used in the study. Although marbling applications of the leather product known as hard leather are found in the literature, there is no marbling application in suede and nubuck products. The work is unique in this respect. It is hoped that this study, which is thought to be an important tool to introduce the art of marbling, which is one of the most important topics of Turkish culture, in crossing the borders of the country, to every part of the world through globalization, which removes the borders of the country, will contribute to the literature due to the results mentioned.

Keywords: Leather Products, Ebru Art, Cultural Transfer, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Leather Dyeing Techniques