Strengthening Healthy Behaviour Through Communication Impulse: A study of Communication Intervention in St Murumba Automobile Unit, Jos Metropolis.

Communication has become an indispensable construct in the 21st century and its pedagogical impact in helping us understand and make sense of our environment is estimable. Considered as catalyst for behaviour change, communication has become an integral weapon in the fight against infectious disease particularly those that are dependent on human behaviour. However, the intricate nature of human behaviour requires suitable and comprehensive communication approaches that take to cognisance pertinent variables like context, individuals and location. It is against this background that Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) is deemed continuously evolving because it encourages new approaches of communicating behaviour change for positive outcome. Bearing this in mind, this study explores an aspect of SBCC called practical session to address hand washing behaviours among automobile mechanics in St Murumba automobile unit Jos metropolis. It also underscores the integral role of healthy behaviour in the pursuit for good health, SBCC in communicating healthy behaviour, handwashing and techniques for effective hand washing exercise. To this end, the study deployed quantitative method and on account of the data collected, communication intervention in the form of practical session was held on effective handwashing among target beneficiaries. The study concludes that practical session in SBCC intervention is very effective especially when strengthening healthy behaviour and optimal maximization of time is in view.      

Keywords: Communication, Healthy behaviour, Hand washing, and Practical session