Sources of information about HIV/AIDS among fisherfolks in some riverine communities of Kogi State, Nigeria.

Fisherfolks are known to be involved in risky sexual practices which may make them to be at risk of HIV infection. This research was conducted among fisherfolks in Ajaokuta and Lokoja fishing communities, Kogi State, Nigeria to assess their sources of information about HIV/AIDS. Systematic random sampling was used to select and allocate 208 respondents in which there were 103 respondents in Ajaokuta and 105 respondents in Lokoja LGAs, Kogi State. Data were collected using a pretested interviewer administered questionnaire which included questions for eliciting the following information: Socio-demographic characteristics; sources of information on HIV/AIDS and Prevention as well as control of HIV/AIDS among fisherfolks. Ages of respondents in Ajaokuta and Lokoja were 35.6±11.7 and 28.4±8.1 years respectively. There were 89.3% and 92.4% males in Ajaokuta and Lokoja respectively. Sources of information about HIV/AIDS of fisherfolks were: peer/friends 40.0% and 74.0% in Ajaokuta and Lokoja respectively. Radio 50.0% and 77.1% in Ajaokuta and Lokoja respectively. Peer/friends were the most preferred source of information about HIV/AIDS by the fisherfolks. Combination of mass media and other sources of information about HIV/AIDS were recommended for the conduct of intervention for the fisherfolks on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Fisherfolk, fishing communities, sources of information, Nigeria.