Information Technology Management Competencies and the performance of UniversityWorkers: A study of Niger Delta University

The study was designed to examine the Information Technology Management and Competencies in workers’ performance in University Workers: A study of Niger Delta University. The objective was to evaluate the influence of technical training, use of technology gadgets such as handling computer, and IT executive leadership on workers’ performance in NDU.  A survey research design was accepted for the research work. Primary data were composed for the study through the use of questionnaire. Statistics were evaluated using simple multiple regression analysis. The three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study and tested using simple linear regression statistical analysis. All the null hypotheses were rejected and the alternative accepted. The findings indicate that Information Technology Management knowledge tools like technical training, technology gadgets, the use of handling computer, and IT executive leadership have an influence on workers’ competencies in NDU workers. In the process of the findings,  it was suggested that in order to attained excellent workers’ performance in the University workers, through appropriate training programs such as technical training, the use of handling computer, and IT executive leadership.  Management should put in place, the right facilities and develop operative abilities in the Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State, thus, this will improve workers’ competencies.  Findings of this study showed that the need to explore information technology in various dimensions is to influence workers’ performance in institutions or organizations.   Also, it is a resounding success to use the tools of information technology management tools for organizational performance.  It was recommended that institutions or organizations should put in more effort to trained workers on current technology for workers in their present job positions. Management of institutions or organizations should motivate workers by replacing outdated equipment. Management should also, encourage IT executives’ leaders to use the right human resources to handle technology. 

Keywords: Office and information management, technical training, computer, I.T executive leadership