Selection and Requirements of Corporate Marketers in the Age of Intelligence Based on Competency Modeling

In the current business environment, recruitment is a key tool for companies to replenish their talent and enhance their human resources. As recognition of this trend increases, companies are focusing more and more on the recruitment process. This study conducted an on-site research in an industrial area of a first-tier city and collected 689 data on talent shortages. The data showed that sales positions accounted for about one-tenth of the shortage. To address the talent challenges of the new era, we utilized a competency model, combined with literature and keyword searches to identify the skills required for sales positions. The use of hierarchical analysis to organize these skills improves the logic and application value of the model. Based on this model, we developed a set of recruitment strategies and selection processes for sales talent to help organizations efficiently identify and attract the right candidates.

Keywords: Offline research; sales force recruitment and development; hierarchical analysis; competency modeling