Analysis of the Role of Students in Students’ Career Decisions in the Taxation Field

Students often face difficulties in making decisions about which career path to pursue after graduating from university. This research aims to explore the roles of the environment, labor market considerations, and students’ perceptions in students’ career decision-making in the field of taxation.

The methodology employed in this study utilizes a qualitative approach. Data collection is conducted through interviews and other secondary data sources. Data analysis methods include data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions with the validation of data based on prolonged engagement, persistent observation, and source triangulation.

The results of the study indicate that the higher the influence of family and campus environments, the greater the likelihood of choosing a career in taxation. Similarly, a favorable assessment of the labor market considerations will lead to a higher likelihood of choosing a career in taxation. Additionally, positive perceptions regarding tax-related matters and careers in taxation will encourage students to perceive careers in this field favorably, thus prompting them to choose careers in taxation.

Keywords: Environment, Labor Market Considerations, Perception, and Career