The Characteristics of Self-Acceptance among College Students and the Main Demographic Factors

Objective: To explore the characteristics of self-acceptance of college students, and analyze the impact of major demographic factors. Method: A convenient sampling is used to select 987 undergraduates from 2 colleges in Guangdong Province. They are investigated with Self-Acceptance Questionnaire (SAQ) and a self-compiled general personal information questionnaire. Result: (1) The total score of SAQ is (40.96±5.91). (2) The results of multiple stepwise linear regression analysis show that the total score of SAQ is positively correlated with 3 factors such as gender, grade and major category, while the following 6 factors like school category, class ranking of academic performance, family economic status, father’s occupation, mother’s occupation, and love experience, are negatively correlated with the total score of SAQ. Conclusion: The self-acceptance of college students is at a moderate level, and the related demographic factors can be summarized into three aspects: personal factors, family factors, and school factors.

Keywords: College students; Self-acceptance; Demographic factors