Analyzing the actual shopping behavior of customers under the influence of Tiktoker in Ho Chi Minh City

The TikTok platform has experienced a significant surge in its user base, with millions of consumers regularly using the app for entertainment purposes. This phenomenon has ignited the curiosity of many firms, who are eager to use the platform’s impact in order to improve their sales. In this particular scenario, the current study aims to examine the impact of TikTokers on consumer buying behavior in Ho Chi Minh City by employing the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) as a conceptual framework. The research data is obtained from a sample of students and working professionals who have either made purchases or been impacted by TikTokers and is analyzed using Smart-PLS software. The empirical results of this study reveal that attitude, subjective norm, and behavioral intention have a significant influence on real purchase behavior. This scholarly work provides novel insights to the existing literature by elucidating the authentic purchasing behavior of consumers influenced by TikTokers.

Keywords. Actual buying behavior, Tiktoker, TRA theory, HCMC, Vietnam.