Intragender Subjugation in Tosin Jobi Tume’s Blood on My Hands

This study examines Tosin Jobi Tume’s Blood on My Hands to determine whether the subjugation of women is solely inflicted by men. African female writers have over the years, portrayed men as the main source of female subjugation in their literary works. However, this study aims to challenge this perspective by examining the intra-gender relationships that exist amongst women in African cultural settings. This study employs a content analysis approach of qualitative research method to interrogate some oppressive forces that marginalize women.  Feminist theory will inform our understanding of intragender subjugation and provide insights into strategies for addressing and preventing it. The study finds that women are often at the forefront of implementing cultural practices that debase the female gender. Ultimately, female marginalization is not only inter-gender, and that women need to look inwards and take responsibility for their roles in perpetuating power imbalances rather than solely blaming men.

Keywords: Intra-gender, Subjugation, Culture, Patriarchy and Feminism