Linking National Culture and Organizational Culture to Firm Performance: A Systematic Literature Review

This study intends to provide a comprehensive analysis through a systematic literature review (SLR) on national culture, organizational culture, and firm performance. This topic is raised regarding the crucial role of culture in organization and management. A Meticulous selection of articles published in Scopus journal in 2013 – 2022 was conducted as part of the methodology. Cultures have a direct and indirect influence on firm performance. Several variables may function as a mediator. The contribution of this study lies in the application of SLR, which makes it possible to identify the most influential publications, journals, authors, countries, and theoretical frameworks in the recent studies that connect national and organizational culture with firm performance. This study also describes the measurement of national culture, organizational culture, and firm performance. The results of this study show the various measures of organizational culture and firm performance.

Keywords: national culture, organizational culture, firm performance, systematic literature review