Relationship between Academic Self-efficacy and Academic Burnout among College Students: Mediating Effect of General Procrastination

Objective To explore the status of academic self- efficacy, general procrastination and  academic burnout among college students, and analyze the mediating effect of general procrastination in the relationship between academic self-efficacy and academic burnout. Methods Academic Self-efficacy Scale (ASES), General Procrastination Scale (GPS), and Academic Burnout Scale for College Students (ABSCS) were administrated to 774 undergraduate who were selected by stratified random  sampling from Guangdong Province, China. Results First, the total score of ASES, GPS and ABSCS were  (73.14±10.91), (66.46±14.44), and (59.03±9.91), respectively. Second, There was a pairwise Correlation  among the total score of ASES, GPS and ABSCS (r=-0.575, -0.280, 0.532, all P<0.01). Final, The total  score of GPS had a fully mediating effect in the relationship between the total of ASES and ABSCS.  Conclusion Academic self-efficacy has an indirect role on the academic burnout through general  procrastination among college students.

Keyword: College students, Academic self-efficacy, General procrastination, Academic burnout, Mediating effect