Examining the effectiveness of Matrix Rhythm Therapy on hamstring strength and flexibility

Studies in the field of hamstring flexibility shed light on the recently developed Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MRT) technology. MRT is a non-invasive method that reduces muscle tension by vibromassage in tissue depth through a device head that provides resonance from the device to the muscle tissue with mechanical vibrations. Our aim was planned to examine the effectiveness of MRT in hamstring flexibility.  As a method in this framework; Pubmed, Google Scholar database was searched in English languages by typing “Matrix Rhythm Therapy and Hamstring”. The start date of the search was 2013 and all research on the subject in the specified databases until May 13, 2023, were examined.  In these studies, articles related to hamstring flexibility used in Matrix Rhythm Therapy were included.  After the first reviews, Pubmed 106, Google Scholar 863, and Science Direct 176 results were found with only the title. Of these articles, three relevant articles were analyzed in detail.  As a result, the studies emphasized that the Matrix Rhythm Therapy device should be applied with a cellular focus. Studies show that MRT can be used as a physiotherapeutic treatment in clinical settings.

Keywords: Hamstring muscle, Flexibility, Stretching, Matrix, Vibration