Factors Contributing to Students’ Indiscipline Behaviour at Public Secondary Schools.

This systematic research aims to identify and analyse the factors contributing to students’ indiscipline behaviour at public secondary schools. The research method is by synthesizing the existing literature from other articles, books, or paper presentations that are related to this research. The article provides insights into the multifaceted nature of indiscipline and highlights some of the underlying causes that need to be addressed in order to promote a conducive learning environment. Indiscipline refers to a lack of discipline or a failure to adhere to rules, regulations, or established norms of behaviour. It involves actions or behaviours that deviate from accepted standards, leading to disorder, disobedience, or misconduct. Indiscipline can manifest in various settings, such as schools, home, and society at large. In educational contexts, indiscipline may involve students not following school rules, engaging in disruptive behaviour, or violating codes of conduct. Indiscipline behaviour among students at public secondary schools poses significant challenges to the educational system and the overall development of students around the world. The findings reveal that there are various interrelated factors contributed to students’ indiscipline behaviour at public secondary schools. Some of these factors include School-based factors, home-based factors, Learners-based factors, and Societal-based factors. It is important to note that, the findings and the recommendation made by this article could help to improve the educational system, especially in connection with the problem of indiscipline at public secondary schools. The researcher concluded that, despite several efforts made by educational stakeholders around the world, the issue of indiscipline still continued to exist in the school system. Therefore, urges every educational stakeholder to do more in order to salvage the situation.

Keywords: Factors Contributing, Students’ Indiscipline behaviour, Public Secondary Schools.