Feminization of multidimensional poverty in Sudan: An empirical analysis for the case of Greater Medani Locality, 2023

Poverty remains the most pressing socio-economic issue in Sudan. Poverty is amulti–faceted phenomenon. This paper is set to investigate the persistence of multidimensional poverty among households headed by female in Greater Wad Medani Locality, following the approach proposed by Alkire-Foster model made up of 10 components has been built and used as a means of analyzing the data, education dimension presented on two indicators, two indicators for the dimension of health, while the dimension of the standard of living expressed on six indicators. The research relies on primary data aided by structured questionnaire compiled by Central Bureau of Statistics staff for year 2023, field work covering 6 administrative units. A total of 764 households randomly selected make up for the data source, the analysis of poverty decomposed by urban and rural location and divided the female householders into two main groups employees and farmers. The results indicated that 27.28% of the female householders under the study area are experience a multidimensional poverty, with deprivation equal or less than a third of overall three dimensions. Moreover, the analysis shows decompositions reveal considerable disparity in multidimensional poverty index, households headed by farmer present high levels of deprivation than one headed by employees, and the deprivation seem to be concentrated in all dimensions.

 Keywords: Feminization poverty, Female householders, Multidimensional poverty, Sudan, Greater Wad Medani Locality