Raising Awareness about Dyslexia among English Language Learners

The article’s objective clarify whether having a deep understanding of dyslexia might help lessen the stress associated with learning English. One of the skills people need to use as the world gets more interconnected is being multilingual. It is not a solution to be monolingual and give up on learning a second language. Speaking requires recalling previously taught material, such as reading, grammar, and vocabulary. It is essential to highlight that while studying a foreign language, some students experience difficulties with reading and spelling that may be related to dyslexia. However, neither teachers nor students have given the topic deep analysis. Thus, it is essential to raise awareness about dyslexia in an educational environment.

To research the topic in detail, an online survey was conducted among EFL students to clarify their level of knowledge about dyslexia. Despite the small sample size (60 participants), the study is valuable because the respondents who volunteered to take part came from Georgia’s capital and two separate towns, representing both public and private colleges. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the results that were obtained. 

The following are the conclusions reached: Most students know very little about dyslexia. Simultaneously, when students or their peers encounter difficulties throughout the reading process, social stress arises, which impacts students’ self-worth. 

Keywords: Dyslexia, Learning English Language, Social Stress, Memory.