Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and developing a vision that will be brought to life. An entrepreneur must have the ability to innovate and create something. The era of globalization with a digital system has started. This is a sign of free trade between countries in the world becoming unlimited. For this reason, as an entrepreneur, people have great opportunities to develop business ventures. This means that the number of competitors is also increasing. Therefore, business strategy is an important thing that must be made in order to win in the face of business competition. What is worrying is that not all entrepreneurs understand these changes, especially for conventional business actors. Many of them have not made changes and have experienced a decrease in income, the digital era which should be an opportunity is actually a threat to people. For this reason, a step change is required, one of which is through a business strategy of Transformation from Conventional to Digital. The emergence of motivation for entrepreneurship in a person when that person has a strong intention to have income. Regarding the importance of entrepreneurship, especially during the Covid-19 period in such condition, digital technology is one of the opportunities to start a new business and create competence in the digital entrepreneurial ecosystem. Moreover, digital technology is not only for starting a new business, but also a tool for running an existing business, with the help of digital technology, entrepreneurs become easier to promote the products. In addition, digital technology as an opportunity to get better performance results. The methods used to conduct studies are vary. Therefore, there is a need for a literature review that can summarize the various studies and conclusions that have been obtained. The summary will be able to help policymakers and other researchers in formulating policies and compiling better studies to increase understanding of entrepreneurial interest as a whole. This article aims to summarize the articles (12 articles) that have studied entrepreneurial interest in the context of young generation in Indonesia.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial interest, entrepreneurship, conventional, digital, Covid-19 pandemic