The Location of the Bohai Sea(渤海) during the Han() Dynasty

The Bohai Sea (渤海) was crossed by boat from Qi() when the Han() Dynasty attacked Gojoseon(古朝鮮) in 109 BC. However, it was not the same as the one currently known by the same name—that is, the Bohai Sea in the northern sea of the current Yellow Sea, which is surrounded by the Shandong(山東) and Liaodong(遼東) peninsulas. In 109 BC, Bohai(渤海) was a vast inland lake in the lower part of the Yellow River. This can be confirmed by the fact that numerous records including those related to floodings in Bohai, Bohai’s bank bursting, Bohai’s distance from Luoyang(雒陽), and the cities associated with Bohai which were located in the north and south around the Yellow River.

Keywords: Ancient Bohai Sea(渤海, 勃澥); Ancient Yellow River (古黃河); Gojoseon(古朝鮮); Han() Dynasty; Ancient Chinese terrain