Effects of Sales Promotion on Consumer Buying Behavior Of Made In Tanzania Products: A Case of Tanzania Breweries Limited Products in Ilemela District, Tanzania

This study’s goal was to investigate the impact of sales promotions on consumer purchasing behavior in the context of Tanzania Breweries Limited. The study’s precise goals were to ascertain how product awareness affects consumer purchasing decisions, how brand preference affects consumer purchasing decisions, and how pricing affects consumer purchasing decisions. 219 respondents were chosen for the study’s descriptive case study sample size. Questionnaires were employed to obtain the data. Multiple linear regression was used for the data analysis. The study found that product awareness through use of various promotion activities such as rebates, free trial, and free gifts had a positive effect on consumer buying behavior. Other finding included brand preference and pricing was significant in influencing consumer buying behavior. Generally speaking, sales promotion efforts served to inform, remind, and influence consumers to buy TBL items. Further research found that consumer purchasing behavior was influenced by a strong brand image, product quality, and product reputations. More specifically, pricing, the availability of different beers, the economy, culture, and personality traits all have an impact on customer purchasing decisions. Given the current competitive market, the study suggests that TBL continuously make sure to produce new products and packaging innovation to entice customers. Companies that are able to improve and accelerate their product development cycle will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage in this regard. TBL would need to constantly innovate as beer customers seek for new styles and a more complex or varied flavor profile. TBL should create international brands as well global brands through line extensions.

Keywords: product awareness, brand preference, pricing, and consumer buying