Sex and Multilateralism — The Dictatorial Regime in the United Nations Sexurity Council

The article summarizes the neo-Nazist and fascist element of the “marriage law” construct of the PRC dictatorial regime with multilateralism and globalization. Albeit the politicization of sex, marriage, and family is non-gender-and-sexuality specific, its impact is asymmetric in gender & sexuality groups. Apart from some previous social surveys which has become experience, media psychology is the main method in the research with the cisgender homosexual psychoanalytic background in the shaping and constant reshaping of the self in the ego-centric dictatorial semantic environment. The purpose of the research was to change the governmental incentives but with the biophysical dissections of dictatorial chains, sexism was used for human trafficker conversions, and retributive justice was used for counter-measurement. Counter-transference on the neo-Nazist and fascist state of mind was conducted with quantum physics approach to cosmology, thermonuclear astrochemistry & astrophysics with the permeative cyber calculation environment. Queer theology was adapted for sexual and mental health in the marriage process combined with the cisgender homosexual solution to Freudian psychology. Cisgender resilience was aided by my husband John Pachankis with his clinical experience & practices. The research concludes that PRC seeks to establish a monolithic cisgender dominance in the United Nations Security Council.

Keywords: retributive power; cisgender & homosexuality; governmental incentives; behavioral control & autonomy; socialist fascism; cyber espionage; self-abductive psychoanalysis