The Impact of Sustainable Procurement in Empowering Business Functions and Protecting the Environment and Society: A case study in the Construction sector in the UAE

Sustainable procurement has become an increasingly significant practice over the last several years as businesses have grown more aware of the need to lessen the negative effects they have on the environment and society. Businesses have the capacity to boost their business activities while also protecting the environment and society if they include sustainability in their purchasing procedures. It is possible for businesses to implement sustainable procurement practices with the assistance of several different frameworks and tools, and groups such as the Sustainable Procurement Pledge are striving to encourage the adoption of such practices across a variety of sectors. To better understand the construction industry’s procurement practices in the UAE and the potential environmental and social effects of adopting more sustainable procurement methods, a qualitative research approach was used (semi-structure – in-depth interviews) are conducted. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data.

Keywords: Sustainable Procurement, Business Functions, Protecting the Environment and Society, Construction sector, UAE