The Reputation of Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP) In Poverty Alleviation

This study explores the impact and reputation of the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP) in alleviating poverty among women in Uganda. UWEP, as an innovative governmental initiative, aims to empower women economically through the provision of interest-free credit, skill development, and market support, thus addressing the critical issue of gender-based economic disparities in the region. The program has been specifically designed to tackle the various obstacles that women encounter when engaging in economically sustainable ventures. These challenges encompass restricted availability of affordable credit, insufficient technical expertise and skills for business growth, restricted entry to markets, and inadequate information pertaining to business prospects. The primary objective of the program is to enhance the economic development of women in Uganda by promoting their active involvement in commercial activities and to augment their financial resources, secure their livelihoods, and improve their general standard of living.

The research methodology involves a mixed approach, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative data obtained through interviews, surveys, and reviews of existing literature and program documentation. Preliminary findings suggest that UWEP has had a substantial positive impact on women’s economic empowerment, with beneficiaries reporting increased income, enhanced skills, and improved socio-economic status. However, challenges such as accessibility, awareness, and bureaucratic hurdles are identified as impediments to the program’s full potential impact. The paper underscores the necessity of addressing these challenges and recommends strategies for optimizing the reach and effectiveness of UWEP, enhancing its reputation as a cornerstone for women’s empowerment and poverty reduction in Uganda. The study concludes by emphasizing the potential replicability of the program as a sustainable model for gender-inclusive economic development in other developing regions.

Keywords: Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP), Ugandan Women For Economic Development, Affordable Credit, Women Empowerment, and Poverty Reduction