Collagen, type II, alpha 1 also known as COL2A1, is a human gene that provides instructions for the production of the pro-alpha1(II) chain of type II collagen. Mutations in COL2A1 can cause type II collagenopathies, which is important for genetic counseling, reduce the risk of recurrent cases in families, and improved clinical follow-up of patients. The present study aim to study clinical significance of COL2A1 protein expression in Triple Negative Breast cancer patients. Paraffin embedded breast tumour tissues from 50 Female TNBC patients were enrolled in the study. COL2A1 expression was studied by immunohistochemistry method and correlated with clinicopathological parameters and as well as disease status. As a result, COL2A1positivity was seen in 42% of tumor cells of TNBC patients. A trend of higher incidence of COL2A1 expression was noted in patients with lymph node negative status and patients with low BR score tumors, A significant higher incidence of COL2A1 expression was noted in patients with remission as compared to patients with relapse, A significant higher incidence COL2A1 expression was observed with respect to diseases free survival analysis in univariate survival analysis. Overall present study indicated that, Loss of COL2A1 expression was associated with positive lymph node status, advancement of tumor grade, disease metastasis and worse prognosticator predicting reduced associated with disease free survival of TNBC. This indicates association of loss of collagen protein with disease aggressiveness in TNBC.

Keywords: ER, PR, Her-2-neu, COLA21, TNBC